Uninstall Applications on iPhone

Uninstall application in iphone. In this article, we will talk about the steps to follow in each of the three options to be able to remove one or several applications on iPhone. Each of the three ways is different and the advantages of uninstall one or the other change according to The need of users.

They will be able to remove applications with two touches. Also uninstall application from the device but keep it in the library. We leave the steps to follow to remove an application on your iPhone.

Uninstall from Settings

To remove applications from iOS device. You can do it from the option "Configuration / General / Usage" there you can choose the application you want to uninstall. Select them and delete it, If the reason of the uninstall of the application is to generate more free space, we recommend to go in the same route indicated above and to choose the option "Storage", with this method will be easier to filter by the applications that occupy more space.



From the iTunes library:

The advantage that the iTunes library allows you is. Even if you delete an application from your device or the library you will keep the application until. You decide to permanently delete it, anyway, to eliminate application you just have to access the library, choose the "Apps" option and on the right will appear all the applications, choose the application you want to uninstall and hit the right button, and finally choose to delete.



Uninstall Application with a Touch:

This is the easiest and least complicated option. And on your iPhone device, choose the application you want to delete. Hold the application for two seconds and a small "x" will appear in the app, if you mark the "x" application, You will get a confirmation question, when you give "Ok" the app is uninstalled.



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