Uninstall Application on Android

In this article, we explain how to uninstall applications from the Google Play store and also from the settings of your smartphone.

Uninstalling Android apps from the Google Play Store:

To remove an app, you can do the same way, from the Google Play store, so you must first look for the application you want to remove in the store.

Note: If the application is paid, do not worry, when you want to download it again it will be totally free, provided that the new download is made from the same Google Play account from which the purchase was made.

1. Select "Uninstall".

2. Wait for Google Play to confirm the remove.



Already done, congratulations, you just uninstalled your app and gain some memory space on your smartphone.

How to remove applications from the settings of your smartphone

This is the method we all followed to remove an application, and it is done from configuration:

1. Select "Settings".



2. Go to the option "Apps" and find the application you want to uninstall.



3. Select the application you want to remove.



4. Select "uninstall" confirm action.


So, to uninstall applications as much through the Play Store as from the parameters of the smartphone. Be careful in case of uninstalling payment applications as will only be able to reinstall them by downloading it from the google play account that paid for it.

So, as a result, they can have it on any Android device. Therefore, as a result, they can have it on any Android device because this tutorial is valid for all smartphones.

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