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Download WhatsApp Free Now!

With the arrival of WhatsApp Messenger to Smartphones, you can now download WhatsApp and communicate free via chat; Voice calls or Videocalls

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Download WhatsApp Free Now!

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Free Communication

With the arrival of WhatsApp Messenger to Smartphones, you can now communicate via chat; Voice calls or Videocalls. And best of all, it's totally free.The WhatsApp Messenger application, allows you to exchange text or audio messages, photos and videos for free between two smartphones equipped with this application.


Download WhatsApp Messenger on Smartphone

You can download WhatsApp Messenger on your phone via Wifi or 3G. WhatsApp Messenger is compatible with iPhone, BlackBerry smartphones, Nokia and Android phones. You will understand that the main advantage of this type of application is that they make huge discounts on your mobile phone bill that allows you to communicate for
free and unlimited.


WhatsApp Advantages

- WhatsApp automatically updates our contact list, we simply have to access the application and look for the contact.

- In spite of having presented security problems since the launch of the application, in the last years the application has developed enough to have no errors.

- It is available on many operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS and Symbian.

- Download WhatsApp is totally free and is available for Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry

- WhatsApp allows us to communicate in real time, that is, there is no time delay for sent messages.

- You can send multimedia content, such as audio, video and photos.

- It is possible to customize the profile of each user through a photo, a status and even a wallpaper for the conversations.

- WhatsApp allows us to create chat groups, in this way we can connect with our relatives, friends or co-workers.

Download WhatsApp Free

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  • IOS Current Version 2.17.30

  • Developer: WhatsApp Inc
  • Category: Social Network
  • Stores: Play Store, Apple Store
  • Platforms: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop

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Download WhatsApp Free
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