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Spotify is a free streaming music player. It is very easy to download Spotify and enjoy the best music on your smartphone

Mobile, Tablet, Desktop

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Download Spotify Free Now!

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Spotify is a free streaming music player. At your fingertips gives you access to listen to an immense music catalog. It is very easy to download Spotify and enjoy the best music on your smartphone.

Spotify has changed the way you listen to music on the Internet. There is no need to download to a computer, and you can share it in seconds through its social features, and take it to wherever you want thanks to its mobile applications.

Despite the limitations of the free version, more cumbersome according to some, Spotify offers exemplary economic model that hopes to thrive in the future.

Quality of Music Online

Spotify immediately surprises us by the ease of use. To play a song, simply type it into the search box, then click on the most appropriate result. The music library is organized by artists, albums, genres and playlists, all for your favorite songs at your fingertips.

Spotify has very good sound quality in the player. The controls are quite basic, but the essential thing is that there are: pause, next track, volume and repeat and random selection functions. Only one equalizer is missing, but the problem can be solved by installing the Equalify plugin.

And that's not all! To provide its users with more and more personalized content. Spotify has added to its range of features "Now". a new website that presents a selection of songs based on songs or styles most heard.

Spotify functions

Your two accounts (Spotify and Facebook) can be linked to post on your wall the songs you listen to, and you can see those listening to your friends in a sidebar. But that is not all.

Spotify has an internal messaging system that can send or receive songs between users, with comments. The feature is also compatible with Twitter.

Another unique feature of Spotify is its applications: these small modules connected to the Internet add different characteristics, ranging from the visualization of the lyrics of a song to the list of musical concerts and suggestions depending on their mood.


Spotify offers two subscription modes, one Free and one Premium:

- Free: Download Spotify for mobile phone, tablet and computer. With advertising; , Only the Random Playback mode is usable. But you will not be able to remove ads from the app.

- Premium: (payable with a 30-day free trial). All the benefits of Spotify, plus streaming music on smartphones for iOS, Android and other mobile devices without any restrictions. The offline mode to listen to your music without using the data connection. Best quality music reproduction. New and exclusive.

Download Spotify Free

  • Android Last Updated: 30.05.2017
  • Android Current Version: Varía según el dispositivo
  • Android Downloads: 100.000.000 - 500.000.000

  • IOS Last Updated: 15.05.2017
  • IOS Current Version 8.4.3

  • Developer: Spotify Ltd
  • Category: Music
  • Stores: Play store, Apple Store
  • Platforms: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop

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Download Spotify Free Likes 2,456

Download Spotify Free
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