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Retrica is an application of photographs that, like Instagram, will allow us to apply different filters to our photographs. Of course, unlike this, Retrica

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Retrica is an application of photographs that, like Instagram, will allow us to apply different filters to our photographs. Of course, unlike this, Retrica will give us the possibility of applying filters in real time, so that we can see how a photo will remain before taking it.

In total, Retrica includes more than eighty different filters with many different styles, although all with a 'vintage' touch. We will find them with sepia tones, in black and white, with the shades off, and so on. In short, filters for all tastes and (almost) all colors.

In addition to being able to take normal pictures, with Retrica we can make instant photo collages with just the option. We will be able to make unique photographs, or take up to nine consecutive snapshots to create an original and fun composition.

Other possibilities of Retrica include artificial blur (also present in Instagram) or the timer, thanks to which we can take pictures with the help of a tripod.

Retrica is an excellent photographic application that, after triumphing in iOS, where it has become one of the references of the category, arrives at terminals Android to offer a very good benefits of totally free way.

Retrica, one of the best apps to take selfies :

So far the successful photo editor Retrica was only available for iOS handsets, but recently it has also been released for Android. It is an interesting free application that allows you to make your own photos using the front camera of the phone and apply all kinds of effects and filters to the image and then share it through social networks.

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  • Android Last Updated: 24.05.2017
  • Android Current Version: Not defined
  • Android Downloads: 100.000.000 - 500.000.000

  • IOS Last Updated: 28.05.2017
  • IOS Current Version 4.1.1

  • Developer: Retrica, Inc
  • Category: Photo and Video
  • Stores: Play Store, Apple Store
  • Platforms: Mobile, Tablet

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