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This game is very intuitive and above all social. Simply download Pokemon Go, put on your shoes and get off the couch to go out and play Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go

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Since launching the game Pokemon in Game Boy in 1996. You can say that you can finally play on a Smartphone. This game is very intuitive and above all social. Simply download Pokemon Go, put on your shoes and get off the couch to go out and play Pokemon Go. Catch Pokemon with friends, fight for gyms and make new friends along the way to some of the great virtues of the game.

Much of the augmented reality infrastructure of Pokemon Go was already underway thanks to the mobile game based on the MIO location of developer Niantic, Ingress.

Assuming you are in a densely populated area, you do not have a problem growing your collection as there are Pokemon everywhere. The act of capturing these creatures follows the entry of a single thumb of many popular mobile games. Simulating a throwing move, a forward stroke towards your target (with a bit of finesse for specific distances) is all it takes to catch basic Pokemon.


Sharing notes, group capture sessions and linking through team battles of Pokemon Go social strengths.When you download Pokemon Go and play. A crucial benefit of the Pokemon Go design is that its social advantage. Is not limited to opposing team battles. Collecting can be a common effort without another wild Pokemon is exclusive to the first person to catch it.

Pokemon Go. Their offers a layout of your shop in the game in it can find a large collection of optional items. Aalthough it can only be valuable for truly ambitious players. Much of the equipment can be purchased through the general game, level up, and checking on benchmarks. In classic free-to-play fashion, most store items simply speed up the process of collecting monsters, either using ladies and incense to lure Pokemon or cracking lucky eggs for a bonus.
Technical Tips

1- How to be the Best in the Gym:

Download Pokemon Go. and when you reach level five. The app gives you a choice of three teams, Instinct, Wisdom, or Valor. Each team has a color, Yellow, Blue or Red. And each one will be formed by several Gyms. Protected by pokémons of other players like leaders of gymnasium.

By winning, we can reclaim the position, and assign a pokémon of our team to defend the position.

Visiting the gym every 20 hours. as a result can get money and stellar dust to make purchases or improve our pokémon. Anyway, every coach can see the map before entering the match, and see the Pokémon who defend the gym, so that they can prepare a strategy and win.

2- How to tell if my Pokémon GO ban is permanent

If you want to know if you are banned permanently in Pokémon Go. All you have to do is run the app.If the message "The server game data could not be retrieved" is displayed.

It means that your account has been permanently banned. If so, you can do little.

First of all go to the official website and check the servers because there may be problems.. If they do not work, then it i s server problem, but if the servers work correctly it means that your account has been banned. most of all, what is for having used cheats and hacks.

3- How to recover your banned Pokémon GO

Hence, after the download Pokemon Go and playing. According to indicate from the official website of Pokemon Go.

it will be considered a banned account that violates the terms of Pokemon Go. Something that may have been done in several ways. Here's a list of Pokemon Go banning reasons:

Use third party applications to access GO Pokémon.
Use emulators.
Counterfeit location.
Use modified applications.

So, if you have used an application that is not Pokémon GO you risk losing your account.

But do not fear. Because if it is your case, know that there is a way to recover your account in case you are banned.If you believe that your account has been unfairly blocked, you will have to fill out a form explaining why your account deserves to be unblocked.

4- Capture Pikachu in the Starter.

After creating the account and start playing, start to walk, when you do, will appear the three initial pokemon, do not catch them, keep walking and even if they reappear for the second and third time, you avoid catching them, since in the third occasion will appear Pikachu!

5- Earn more than 100,000 XP in 30 minutes

Indeed, when you make the "technique of the egg chance", it is necessary to wait between 25 and 30 seconds that the small animation of the evolution ends. And well you figure that if you close your application just after clicking on "to evolve", and you restart it directly, the evolution will have been taken into account! Close and open Pokemon go takes about 20 seconds, so you can make between 90,000 and 100,000 XP points in 30 minutes according to the evolutions! Of course you will need a pretty powerful phone that does not row too much. But it's perfectly legal, and Niantic will not consider you a cheater.

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  • Android Last Updated: 05.06.2017
  • Android Current Version: 0.63.1
  • Android Downloads: 100,000,000 - 500,000,000

  • IOS Last Updated: 12.05.2017
  • IOS Current Version 1.33.1

  • Developer: Niantic, Inc
  • Category: Games
  • Stores: Play store, Apple Store
  • Platforms: Mobile, Tablet

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