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Here are the top 10 reasons why I think your business needs to be active on Facebook. We also offer you relevant information so you can download Facebook

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Here are the top 10 reasons why I think your business needs to be active on Facebook. We also offer you relevant information so you can download Facebook:

1. Get to know your colleagues. Facebook is not a social platform that has all kinds of users. The group of people is the fastest growing from 25 to 40 years. And all its users defend it for being the most complete social network.

2. Find business contacts. Of the 1000 million Facebook users, obviously not everyone is their target audience, but some are hundreds of thousands, whom you can segment to promote your products.

So, in this network apart from meeting people, looking for old classmates also serves to grow professionally.

3. Target your audience. Users openly share much of their information to which they can access. This type of demographic characteristics, skills, preferences and tastes have cost fortunes in the past. See Section 9 for more on this.

4. Ease and connectivity. Most Facebook members are open to log in. You can easily start a conversation with people (even famous) of great success who would otherwise be inaccessible.

5. Build relationships. Engage in conversations with your prospects, with friends, with celebrity and participate in surveys among many more things.

6. Increase your visibility. If your prospects appear permanently and correctly in the news (home page) on Facebook, publishing relevant information will increase your credibility and trust in your business.

7. Scope of the Public. In addition to your personal profile, created an official website for your business. Pages (ex Fanpages) are fully indexed by Google.

8. Closer and closer. Another of the virtues of Facebook is to bring users closer, like for example you have not seen an old friend who has moved to another continte and do not have your contact information? Easy, simply search on Facebook by name and in the meantime you can locate him and send him a message to ask him how he is doing.

10. There is no need to invest much money to get visitors to your website. Apart from ads, Facebook is obviously free to use and with a regular strategy and activity can have a considerable amount of web traffic (visits), and as a result of more visitors interested in what you have, more subscribers, more followers And more

Customers who buy!

If you do not have Facebook, do not wait any longer. Download Facebook and and immerse yourself in the thousands of entertainment and entertainment options that this app offers you.

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