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Update today 01.18.2020
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With the passage of time our Android is getting a little heavy and loaded with unnecessary things.That's why we advise you to download Clean Master

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Clean Master

How to Clean and Accelerate Android with Clean Master

With the passage of time our Android is getting a little heavy and loaded with unnecessary things, so it is always good to have a cleaning app installed. In this case I want to recommend download Clean Master, which allows us to clean the system of unnecessary files, remove caches, residual files, and all kinds of things that no longer have utility, they are just to annoy

Clean Master has a very clean interface and simple to use, as soon as we open the app we will have the main options in view, which are:

History: It is a tool that allows us to delete the history of some of the most used applications in the computers, like WhatsApp, Pinterest, Spotify, LINE; WeChat, and more.

Other Advantages of Clean Master

- Free basic functions.
- Scans applications for security.
- It really works and it shows a lot of performance increase.
- Eliminate large amounts of data at once.

In short, Clean Master is an application to thoroughly clean our Smartphone. When you run the application, all unnecessary, temporary, residual, cache and history files are deleted. Plus, you have the option to free up RAM and save battery power from our smartphone.

Specifically, delete the following:

1. Residual files: After installing an application on our smartphone, sometimes we have to download extra data. But when uninstalling this application, we do not delete this data. It is the example of Gameloft games in general. Well, Clean Master will delete all these files.

2.Temporary APKs: When you install an application from the market or update, the apks consume more and more space on your phone. Clean Master will remove duplicates and leftovers simply.

3.Task Killer: Clean Master's Task Killer works great, shutting down unwanted applications and releasing RAM. You do not need root permissions, but if we grant them, it will work better.

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  • Android Last Updated: 06.06.2017
  • Android Current Version: Not defined
  • Android Downloads: 500.000.000 -

  • Developer: Cheetah Mobile
  • Category: Security
  • Stores: Play Store
  • Platforms: Mobile, Tablet

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Download Clean Master Free Likes 1,746

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